Wear My Fashion: Vegan Nail Art

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Vegan Nail Art





So happy fall is here! Finally get to wear layers of clothes! Since, I am from and live in California, the weather is still warm and not quite cold yet.  I posted this picture on the facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/WearMyFashion.  I posted this bc might as well take advantage of this lovely warm weather by wearing flats, ya know?  Few weeks ago, I told myself, “just look and no buy things.”  Well, if you know you are a shopoholic, well, it sums it all. So, I ended up buying yellow pair of loafers by Kenneth Cole (will show it next time or tomorrow).  Bought this cute flats for $15 Nine West (below). The original price was like $40? It was super cheap, so I couldn’t pass it up, ya know? I forgot to mention, I bought the sale shoes at Macys using my Macy’s card!  You know what?  If you are shoe hoarders like me, then I gotta show you my shoe hoarder collection.  I am going to warn you that my shoes are everywhere.  But that will be on the next post. =)   



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oh yea…….

I am thinking about giving up/quitting styling and just focus on http://wearmyfashionmag.blogspot.com bc I believe in this blogazine and takes up a lot of time.  I still want to do styling, but it will be a fun side hobby.  But yea….. Stay tune…..folks…

BackStreetBoys Concert!


Last Friday (September 6, 2013), my sister and I went to BSB CONCERT!!! It was the best concert ever!!!! It was epic.  Their voice was amazing than ever!!  They were full of energy!! Felt like I was a teenager all over again!! Sorry for the bad picture quality -_-.  I am over iPhone, I will be moving over to Samsung for better a quality picture. I learned my lesson, never to sit at the lawn area bc it is just gets too crazy.  I tried to upload BSB videos, but I am not sure what I am doing wrong.  For now, I am working on it…  



Hello everyone!

Happy Thursday!  It’s been awhile posting something on my blog.  I was busy focusing on my other blog to create a #blogazine, and I think, I hope it becomes a reality come true.  I hope you guys can show support and make it a real come true.  The bloggers are the real deal with real answers and tips, and can help to relate other people in a similar situation.  If you are interested please leave a comment or email me.  =)

. . . . . . . . .

I’ve been looking for a job relating to styling, it has been hard.  I haven’t been gone shopping in a long time bc I am low on money -_- (aren’t we all).  I am just keepn’ it real and simple.  I’ve been passing out business cards, networking, emailing, linkedin, and no response so far.  All you fashionistas out there, don’t give up! Not going to lie, there are times I do want to give up, but my gut is telling me not to give up.  I do want to intern in Los Angeles, but a lot of key stylists want interns currently living in Los Angeles.  I don’t have the money to move to LA yet =(.  My mind is all over the places..

. . . . . . .

Anyway, I hung out with my friend and ate like a pig.  After that, supposedly to be eye shopping, so we can burn off the calories.  Well, the plan got backfired bc we ate more and bought something — OMG.

Went to an outlet mall, and I bought this. =x It was additional 25% off, so the total was 89$. I couldn’t resist, so I bought it.  Guilty pleasure =x



happy an awesome long weekend! Hopefully I can post something awesome again! If you don’t see me for awhile it is bc I am working on #blogazine #wearmyfashionmag


love peace awesome happy smile =)

So overdueee















From the last post, I would say I would post something.  Since I came back from SF like many weeks ago, I bought a necklace at Urban Bazaar, and my friend got me a belated earrings at Gemologee.  Here is the bad news.  Since I came back from SF, I have not yet to wear the necklace and the earrings yet.

Now back to reality looking for jobs.  Need a stylist or need tips, please let me know! =)

Whatever you want to become, don’t give up on your dream!Image

I am sorry

I am sorry for neglecting my blog for a long time.  I’ve been focusing my other side project with my friend.  I will post some accessories later today. =)

I finally got my business cards last week, thanks to Moo.com.  I will post that later as well today.  As you know or not, I am stylist based in Southern California (Los Angeles and Orange County).  If you live in SoCal or planning to be in town, please leave a comment or email me.  I am trying to get my name out there.

Oh my friend….



Can’t believe, it’s been one week ago from today that I went to San Francisco.  Goodness, it went by super fast.  The location I was at Mission.  Dude, so many dope mural arts.  It was pure heart and soul and passion.  I live in SoCal, so I only own two pair of walking shoes.  And they are running shoes and my everyday walking shoes.  The shoes I wore to SF is PUMA, that is about 5 years old?  I need buy more pretty current everyday shoes.  

My friend does not know how to take good pictures….she tried her best….She never told me that she was ready to take pictures of me.  So much of the pictures were more like candid unready pictures. 




hungry now bc I am looking at the pictures above. hehehe.



Wear My Fashion Magazine

My friend and I started a blogazine, which is fairly new.  If you are interested being part of the blogzine, please email me or leave a comment.  We are looking for fashion stylist, make up, nails, hair, jewelry/accessories, shoes, and more.  We welcome from well known bloggers to new bloggers.  

If you are wondering what is blogazine.  It is like reading from fashion magazines, but it focuses on the bloggers.   

Please check out site: Wear My Fashion Magazine

Mtv and BBQ

Belated tbt and fbf. All fashionista lovers like to post pictures from the past, well… I am going to be different.  Instead of sharing fashion picture, I will be showing something else…

Drumroll please…..

DARIA!!! Remember her? She used to be on MTV for years!! Love it! Love it!!!


Image Where I live, the community gather to celebrate summer bbq aloha theme.  It was tasty and the weather was awesome!!!  The food is the left over (no bun no carb).  I had to go despite being sick.  I just love food! =)